A 4 GB drive contains space for 4,018,110,464 bytes. That's why it's called "4 GB." In actual fact, because an actual gigabyte is larger than 4 billion entries, a 4 GB USB stick accepts 3.79 gigabytes of data. If you actually have a file or files which total 32 gigabytes it/they will not fit on a "32 GB" drive. This is not bait and switch or any other nefarious form of product description; it is a result of the nomenclature the entire computer industry has adopted to please the marketing arms of the various companies. An even more glaring example of this is processor speeds.
We do comply with UMS. I put mp3 audio files on mine and play them in my car as well as on other devices that support USB devices. I've never had a problem. I even put groups of files in separate sub-directories - based on album name or artist. All my devices read the USB drives correctly - including all directory content.

Support PC Mode: all brands of PC, Laptop, HP, Dell, Toshiba, etc
Compatibility: Desktop, Laptop, Macintosh, Tablet, Speakers and other device with USB ports
Operating System: Windows ME/NT/ 2000/XP/7/8, Linux, Mac OS
How can I contact KOOTION service?
Phone: (626)489-8379 (Mon. - Fri., 11am -8pm EDT)