What are microSD cards good for?

KOOTION for Data Large & Secure Storage Jul 30, 2022

A microSD card is also known as a TF card (TransFlash card), an ultra-mini memory card (0.6x0.4x0.04inch) using the same basic technology as an SD card while having a quarter of its size. There are a lot of things a microSD memory card can help you do.

A micro SD card allows you easily move your photos, music, and files from device to device without having to rely on steady Internet, which is now wildly used on smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, and so on. It helps free the internal storage of your device and adds more space to store more pictures, movies, short videos, entertainment videos, apps, etc.

Smooth Navigating on Phone, Tablet

If you want your smartphone, tablet, or PC experience to be flawless and smooth, you’d better not store excessive files to occupy the internal storage. Adding a microSD card is a good option to allow you to save files to the card instead of to the internal memory. Then you will get larger supplemental storage and no need to constantly delete files to make space.

A microSD card also makes transferring files among phones, tablets, and computers a piece of cake. Dispense with a Wi-Fi network or a cable, you can move data among devices with freedom.

Improve Driving Safety

A dash cam records your journey whenever the car is turned during moving, which also needs a microSD card to expand the space to record long-time video with peace of mind.

The best microSD cards for dash cam are suitable for low and high temperatures, withstanding bumps and bashes. It can enhance the driver experience and improve safety, also for manufacturers to identify the causes of accidents and for insurance companies in case of an accident.

Taking Amazing Sceneries

Photographers are always taking high-quality images and may take multiple pictures of a single subject to get the right one. Shortly, the camera will be filled up with a large number of photos. They need a decent memory card to expand the storage to store these large photos and video files.

And most digital cameras are compatible with a number of different types of memory cards. The most common is the Secure Digital (SD) card, which is about the size of a postage stamp. And a microSD card combining large capacity and high speed is the smaller variant of an SD (secure digital) card. It can be easily converted into an SD card with an adapter that usually comes with your microSD card, thus compatible with any camera that supports regular SD cards.

Or you can insert a microSD card directly into a GoPro or Drones to capture and store the awesome 4K videos you’ll be capturing.

Great Gaming Experience

Gamer-enthusiasts are now not content with mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets, which would take up much space on the devices and slow the running speed down. They turn to handheld gaming devices like Nintendo Switch which is much easier and faster.

A Nintendo Switch comes with 32GB internal memory as standard and some of which are used for system running. While modern games usually take place of 25-30GB, not to mention AAA games which are common in 50-100GB. Luckily, each Nintendo Switch is built with a microSD card slot that enables to insert a microSD card allowing gamers to download and play more new and exciting games.